Success Stories


  Our precious Princess crossed the rainbow bridge this evening … she fought such a good fight against hyperthyroidism and IBD but at 20 years old she just wasn’t strong enough …we love you Pinc Pinc and we will see you again — feeling heartbroken.


Kitty beds aren’t just for kitties anymore This is our rescue Luther …. he’s come a long way from that baby mouse that was crying in our driveway 8 weeks ago. Love you Mr Luther


Having spent every dime they had on another pet’s emergency just a month ago, Rags’ owners had no money left to go to the vet and find out why he seemed to be in pain.


You’re Not Forgotten Special Kitty Sanctuary is a 100% volunteer based, non-profit organization working to ensure the health and well-being of animals throughout the high desert community. In addition to helping special needs cats, we assist owners, rescues and shelters with funds towards spaying/neutering and medical expenses, as well as public education.